99: The theatrical trailer

Coming to theatres May 1.

What do y’all think?

It isn’t important enough to mention in the promo, but dialogues are by yours truly.


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14 responses to “99: The theatrical trailer

  1. Hello Mr Sen.. the trailer looks offbeat and interesting.. nice to see Cyrus on the big screen finally.. Wish you good luck!

  2. Jojo

    Looks like a blast!

    Very slick and love the poker shot! Full House? ;-)

  3. ganesh


  4. Suprateek

    Looks like a decently slick con caper, man. Reminded me a little of this Spanish film ‘Swindled’ which often comes on UTV World Movies. Looking forward to it.

    Just one question: Where the HELL did you come up with ‘Iski pan di nator!’ from?!? Lol.

  5. Vijay

    Superb Trailer. Looks like one or two references to Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels! will you do the master stroke of writing subtitles for the Delhi Lingo? :-)

    • Aha, Guy Ritchie isn’t an unflattering comparison (esp his first films) but you’ll see a much more laidback feel, I betcha. Glad you dig the trailer.

      LOL @ subtitles. hehe. Maybe I should :P Will ask the boys.

      • Vijay

        Just like how the cockney slang was subtitled to brilliance in Guy Ritchie’s :-). I am surprised you aren’t credited with the script of this one. It looks a lot like your writing :-) I am really looking forward to watching it. Unfortunately I live in KL, Malaysia. It doesnt release here and I hate watching pirated stuff, so I dont know, maybe make a trip down to Singapore!

  6. why give it 2 stars after raping it so badly ?

    • Assuming you mean the 8×10 review, the fact is that no matter how stupid, the film isn’t unwatchable. largely because of the actors. and on rediff, two stars indicate ‘not bad,’ so while I call this forgettable and would never recommend it and not call it ‘good’ in any way, I can’t call it bad either. Just depressingly ordinary.

  7. Aditya

    Is Cyrus in a fat suit or is he really like that?

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