A landslide victory for Amole Gupte in Kaminey, the man taking nearly half your vote in a category I’d considered hardfought.

Gupte’s take on Bhope Bhau is assuredly theatrical and its madcap exaggerated style made Bhardwaj’s dark film much lighter. That twinkle in his eyes is endearing before it turns into a threatenic, manic gleam, so quickly does this man take the part from an easily amused baddie to a nefarious Santa Claus, armed and ready to kill all the children.

However, it must be said that the actor had a meatier, longer role than most of the other nominees. Anyway, here’s the final tally:

A special mention for Abhimanyu Singh of Gulaal, who was singled out for applause by many of you voting here. I agree Singh’s work was indeed excellent, and regret that one chose only to have five slots.

18 thoughts on “Sen City Awards: Best Supporting Actor

  1. I voted for Sanyal in Kaminey. Just for his acting in his final scene.

    Would also love it if you keep an option open for people to vote for someone not in the five you list. Like Filmfare does.

  2. Hey I like all the choices. But I would have picked Abhimanyu Singh-Gulaal over HR in nominations for sure. And probably also to win.

  3. Please open one more option… Abhimanyu Singh for Gulaal… I think its unanimous option…otherwise your awards also will be like popular choice awards :-)

    He has way more footage than Chandan R.S in kaminey and his role was one of the most powerful on screen depictions in quite a long time

  4. You should mention the character name they played within brackets – for e.g. I dont know which character D Santosh played in Rocket Singh… but if it is Ranbir’s porn-addict computer engineer – then I would vote for him!

  5. i have voted for D Santosh … i loved his performance … infact there are one or two more worthy candidates from Rocket Singh for this award …

    and i agree with all above comment that have mentioned Ransa as a must have in this nomination :)

  6. Oh, tough, they were all good. Voted Chandan for sheer star quality. It’s easy to dazzle someone by ramping up even a little if you’re Hrithik Roshan, or if you have a giving role like Bhope’s (not to take anything away from either of those performances). Sanyal’s Mikhail was just iconic.

  7. Abhimanyu Singh and Omi Vaidya deserved to be here…

    Am waiting for the Best Dialogues Nomination list…!

  8. In terms of pure acting (as against screen presence), how about deepak dobriyal in gulal?? i think he was so wonderful in his little role. also, the movie had some brilliant ensemble performances. piyush mishra also needs to be right up there!

  9. abhimanyu singh seems to have made an impact with a number of people here- however i think the supporting act needs to go to the guy who played the boss of ranbir kapoor in rocket singh- he was quite simply sensational and sadly no one seems to have noticed his rather important role in rocket singh- the last scene where he concedes defeat to rocket was superbly performed- i think hes some chaudury or something- not sure about his name.

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